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'How beautiful it is' from The Turn of the Screw, Britten.

Claire Lees - Soprano
Nicholas Ansdell-Evans - Piano

Recorded June 2022.
St John the Divine, Kennington, London

Film by Capinski Recordings

'Se pieta di me non senti' from Guilio Cesare, Handel.

Claire Lees - Soprano
Dylan Perez - Piano

Recorded 16th December 2020.
Craxton Studios, London

Film by TallWall Media
Claire Lees (soprano), Natalie Burch (piano)
Music by William Marsey, text from Sam Riviere's '81 Austerities'
Filmed at The Red House, Aldeburgh, September 2019.
Video: Sam Stadlen
Producer: Rosanna Goodall
Supported by: RVW Trust, Denys Firth Family Trust, Alan Sainer, Britten-Pears Arts.
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