'How beautiful it is' from The Turn of the Screw, Britten.

Claire Lees - Soprano
Nicholas Ansdell-Evans - Piano

Recorded June 2022.
St John the Divine, Kennington, London

Film by Capinski Recordings

'Se pieta di me non senti' from Guilio Cesare, Handel.

Claire Lees - Soprano
Dylan Perez - Piano

Recorded 16th December 2020.
Craxton Studios, London

Film by TallWall Media
Claire Lees (soprano), Natalie Burch (piano)
Music by William Marsey, text from Sam Riviere's '81 Austerities'
SongSpiel: https://www.songspiel.org
Filmed at The Red House, Aldeburgh, September 2019.
Video: Sam Stadlen
Producer: Rosanna Goodall
Supported by: RVW Trust, Denys Firth Family Trust, Alan Sainer, Britten-Pears Arts.